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Nya has been training Tennessee Walking Horses for trail, show and hunting for more then 30 years. She has shown extensively in California and Oregon before moving to Idaho. She trains walking horses for the rider that enjoys the natural running walk that the breed is famous for. She trains horses with consistency, kindness and within the standards of the industry. Nya also is well known for training other gaited breeds of horses. She trains Paso Finos, Peruvian Paso’s, Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Five-Gaited Saddlebreds and Missouri Foxtrotters. If you are looking for a trainer to lock in that smooth gait, Nya and Rocky are the ones to make sure that your horse learns to stay in “gait” through miles of riding, and patient consistent cues.


Schedule – references upon request

Saddle / Driving / Gait Repair
Month – $600
Week – $165
Consultations (travel expenses may apply)
Day – $100
Facility per hour – $40
Away per hour – $50
Halter / Ground Work
Month – $400
Week – $100
Facility per hour – $40
Horse provided per hour – $50
Off facility – mileage plus hourly – or group – $40
Exhibition (by contract agreement)
Day – $100
Class – $40
Mileage per mile – $1
Sales & Referrals
Referral / Contact – 10%
Show / Ride – 15%
Month – $200
Stallion Services
Cruise With The Limo – $450
Mare Care – Dry – $5  /  Wet – $7

Trained Horses



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