Having hosted and ridden in Nya Bates Private Lesson Clinics, I can attest to the fact attendees get more than their money’s worth of instruction, guidance and encouragement. Her no-nonsense, but friendly, direct approach with both horse and rider makes for a win-win situation every time. Nya takes the time to understand the rider’s reason for attending a private lesson clinic and then quickly analyzes the horse (mouth, feet and way of going), saddle fit and bitting equipment. And, as with her horse training program, Nya always makes sure both horse and rider understand any instruction before moving on to the next step. If I had the facilities, I would offer Nya Bates Private Lesson Clinics in Southern Oregon once a month.

Patricia Smith
End of the Trail Foxtrotter Ranch
Klamath Falls, Or.


We had the pleasure of hosting Nya Bates for a Gaited Horse Clinic at Sky Hawk Ranch in May of this year. We have had nothing but positive feed back from all that participated in both the Gait Recognition class and one-on-one sessions with Nya. Nya is very easy to work with. She has a professional, easy manner about her. She is a gift to the gaited horse industry and she can bring out the best in each horse and rider “team.”

Madison Mills
Event Coordinator – Sky Hawk Ranch



My Name is Robin Clifford and I wanted to take the time to give Nya and her Training program a big thumbs up.  We all know how hard it is to find the right trainer so this is my story.

My Stallion “Wings” was treated as I would treat my Horses and better!  I saw how Nya goes to work the first time she speaks to you on the phone and setting up the training,  to as soon as we arrived we were into training and making good things happen in many ways.  My Horse and I were both comfortable right away with Nya.  I also saw the great care of her own horses and the other horses there in training.  I knew Wing’s would be fine and do well.

Firm, direct, to the point for me and Wings is how we learned separate and together, Nya knew what would work for both of us and it did.  We also had a great time.  Topped off with his First Show; Stallion Class:  Blue, Championship, and Reserve Grand Champion. What a thrill at how good Wing’s was with it all and still wanted to listen and behave with just a few weeks training on him.   Wings was just 4 yrs later that month and he had never been off Our Ranch before this Training/Show trip.  I have been the only one to ever handle him before Nya.

Nya listened and Wing’s and I received what we wanted out of the training time of 30 Days.  We are very pleased.  Now it is our job to continue to move forward in the great training we learned.

Thank you to Nya and Rocky Bates for your wonderful Hospitality in beautiful Idaho.  I will be back and I will recommend you for sure.

Feather Gate Gold “Wings”  Amber Champagne, Curly, Missiouri Fox Trotters Stallion

Robin Riley Clifford
Feather Gait Ranch

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  1. A friend of mine rides in that Troxel Cheyenne. She’s a lfnleoig western rider and had never worn a helmet until very recently, but she actually really likes the look of the Cheyenne, so it’s a win all around. Of course, at age four, your son is going to outgrow whatever you get for him in about five seconds, isn’t he? I know the rule book states that any rider in any division can wear a helmet without penalty. I think a lot of saddle seat and western riders think that judges will still penalize them (maybe subconsciously). I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I would think you could plop a schooling helmet on your leadliner in any seat and the judge wouldn’t hold it against you. They might even appreciate that you put safety first. I’d be curious to hear a judge’s feedback on this one.

  2. Please send me information regarding the clinic in Sisters, Oregon on Sept 21 – 23
    I am interested in signing up for that clinic.
    Darlene Johnston
    69475 Deer Ridge Road
    Sisters, OR 97759

  3. Do you have clinics scheduled in my area? I am in Sisters, OR.
    What is your clinic schedule for this Spring? My trainer and I are interested in attending. Please send your schedule.


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